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Transformer Balun supply issues

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The supplier of the cores that I use for my Transformer/Balun has changed ownership and is no longer stocking this item. I am looking for a replacement but have now depleted my stock such that I have no I-Pro Home antennas and only 1 Dual Beam Pro.

I hope to resolve the issue shortly and will update this post at things progress.

If you are interested in buying a I-Pro Home or Dual Beam Pro, drop me a note and I will let you know when they are back in stock.

Update 30 October

I have now used up the limited stock of the Matching Transformers and can no longer supply the previous versions of the Dual Beam Pro and I-Pro Home.

I am in the process of updating the site with the new versions and the new Matching Transformers are in production. I hope to have some new stock built and the site updated next week.

Update 12 September

I now have the last batch of 10 transformer Baluns and have marked the Dual Beam Pro and I-Pro Home as back in stock. 7 of the antennas have been reserved for customer orders so the available stock may not last long.

Please note I am also away for 2 weeks commencing on 22 September and will not be dispatching antennas during this period.

I am making progress with the new balun designs and anticipate these will be available around the end of October.

Update 8 September

Delivery of the outstanding items is expected early next week. I have 6 antennas ready to go once those parts arrive and I should be able to start shipping towards the end of the week.

I will update the stock levels and start taking orders again as soon as the parts arrive.

Update 23 August

I have managed to find a further 9 cores and am now building the last few antennas using this transformer/balun.

In parallel, I am working on new transformer/baluns using cores that are more readily available. The plan is to provide a 400W PEP version of the Dual Beam Pro and I-Pro Home with a transformer/balun around the same size as the current version and a 1000W PEP version using a much larger core.

The 400W version will be cheaper but I have yet to determine the pricing.

Update 21 July

Well, that happened quickly. The last Dual Beam Pro has been sold so watch this space.

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