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The New DMV-II

A compact 80m antenna with a performance that defies its size. Ideal for small gardens and DX.

​The DMV-II is a resonant V antenna designed to take advantage of the 80m band opportunities whilst the higher HF bands are less active.

With optional loading coils this antenna can also be used on the 60m and 40m bands.

This is a light weight antenna with a span of just 8m overall. The telescopic arms fold down to less than 1.2m for transportation which makes it ideal for use on location.

The prototype DMV-II is shown here at Puttenham Common mounted on a lightweight, 5m sectional mast. From arrival on site, this set up took less than 15 minutes.

The radiation pattern is omnidirectional and it will out perform much longer wire or vertical 80m antennas.


​The DMV-II is set up to be resonant at the top of the 80m band. By plugging in the supplied extension wires, the resonant frequency can be adjusted to your favourite part of the band - no ATU required.

The 80m loading coils can be swopped for optional coils tuned for resonance in the 60m and 40m bands without changing any of the other components.

High quality components are used throughout

Overall span of main elements (approx)         8.0m

Total weight including mast clamp                  3.0kg

Maximum peak envelope power                    500W

The mast clamp is suitable for 32mm - 50mm diameter mast and a mast height of 3 to 5m is ideal for DMV-II operation.

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