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Note that the reviews refer to earlier versions of the antennas and some improvements have since been made to the designs


Dual Beam Pro

We started the tests thinking that the antenna would be a compromise. In the end, we were both very impressed - and when it comes to antenna testing, that doesn't happen very often.

RSGB RadCom magazine - May 2011

I have worked more countries during the brief evaluation exercise than any other comparable period and enjoyed every moment

Practical Wireless magazine - September 2011

The DBP is an antenna that has fulfilled my demand for a multi-band HF dipole in a limited space with a weak antenna base.

CQ ham radio magazine - December 2019

I-Pro Home

... just about every EU signal I found on 20m was better on the I-Pro Home than the trap vertical.

RSGB RadCom magazine - July 2011

From the first ‘switch on’ this antenna was ‘bringing them in’! Indeed, I soon found out that if I could hear them I could work them!

Practical Wireless magazine - January 2012

I-Pro Traveller

What did strike me during the tests was how easy the Traveller is to erect and, as it is freestanding, how effective it is without needing high supports or ground radials. This really can be put up in a small back garden or park, or on the beach, for an afternoon's HF DXing without too much trouble.

RSGB RadCom magazine - June 2010

As a final comment, I would love to have the opportunity to take this antenna in my European tour later in the year for its compact design and overall performance make it a really attractive option.

Practical Wireless magazine - July 2010


The fact that the antenna can be folded up and put into a car boot in seconds, and then re-erected in a field or on a beach is a boon.

RSGB RadCom magazine - August 2019

I certainly didn't feel I was compromised in any way by using an antenna significantly shorter than my usual full size dipole

Practical Wireless magazine - September 2019

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