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The Dual Beam Pro 400

An efficient antenna providing acclaimed DX performance with minimal visual impact that will help keep the neighbours happy!

​The Dual Beam Pro is a centre fed horizontal dipole covering the HF bands between 40m & 6m. The high performance design uses efficient capacity end loading techniques to provide a low noise solution optimising performance, size and flexibility.

This is an extremely light weight antenna with a slim attractive profile, measuring just 5m overall. It can be readily roof mounted like a TV aerial using domestic chimney stack or gable wall fixings or attached to a mast with minimal loading.

The "beam" is bi-directional in that it radiates 2 lobes at right angles to the main element. It can be fixed in your favoured transmission directions - say East and West - or fitted on a lightweight rotator with 180 degrees of rotation to cover the globe.

The Dual Beam Pro is a non-resonant design which presents a very user friendly broadband match. Most modern transceivers have built in ATUs that will provide a match for 20m - 10m operation. An external ATU may be required for 40m and 30m bands and for transceivers without an internal ATU.

The band coverage includes 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m & 6m. Note 40m efficiency is down relative to the other bands


Aerospace alloys are used for the antenna elements with corrosion resistant galvanised steel fittings and a glass fibre insulating rod.

Overall span of main rotatable element         5.0m

Overall span of the end elements                  2.5m

Turning radius required                                  2.6m

Total weight including support bracket           4.0kg

Maximum power                                        400 or 1000W PEP

Maximum power 40m & 30m                     240 or 600W PEP

Isotropic gain figures are provided for 20m, 15m and 10m with the antenna installed 10m above average ground

20m @ 29degrees elevation   6.62dBi

15m @ 19degrees elevation   7.55dBi

10m @ 15degrees elevation   7.37dBi

The mast head support bracket is suitable for 32mm - 50mm diameter masts.

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