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Spares and replacement parts


Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your antenna, we can provide replacement parts. If you can't see what you want in the store, contact us and we will make your requirement to order if possible.

Antenna identification


We have produced several versions of the I-Pro Home and the Dual Beam Pro over the years with different matching transformers and connection methods. The main variants are shown below. Please use these pictures to identify the version of the antenna and provide this information with your order. Alternatively send us a photo of the relevant part of your antenna.

Version 1

Original version with metal transformer cannister (silver or black).

Element mounting bolts at right angles to each other.

Twisted connection strips

Version 2

Element mounting bolts in line with each other.

Flexible or twisted connection strips.

Version 3

Element mounting bolts in line with each other.

Angled connection strips.


Version 4 (current)

Element mounting bolts in line with each other.

Flexible connection leads.

Note: photos are of the I-Pro Home but the same principles and version numbers also apply to the Dual Beam Pro

Antenna versions
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