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Tripod Mast

The Pro Antennas tripod mast is lightweight and easily transportable. It retracts into a package 1.5m long and weighs just 3.6kg.

The three telescopic sections extend to a height of 3.4m and lock in place by tightening the clamp and inserting the locking pin.

it comes with a swaged tube adapter to provide a stronger mount for the antenna clamp and take the total height up to a maximum of 5m.

Pro Antennas Mast adapter
Pro Antennas Tripod Mast
Pro Antennas Tripod mast

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Pro Antennas Tripod Mast

The required adapter length can be specified at checkout:

A short adapter is ideal for assembly and transportation whilst a longer section will add height to the mast.

For the best of both worlds, an additional swaged pole can be added to the short adapter.

Guying kit

Our guying kit is designed for use with the I-Pro Home, I-Pro Traveller and also with the Pro Antennas tripod mast.

The guy ropes are 4.8m long and 3mm dia with a strength of 3.9kN. Other lengths are available on request. A custom wire winder is provided to store the guy ropes.

Line-Lok guy runners are used to adjust the tension.

2 custom guy rings are provided:

Large - 38mm id - for the tripod mast

Small - 15mm id - for the I-Pro Home or Traveller

Large guy ring
Small guy ring
Line-Lok guy runners
I-Pro Traveller guy ring
I-Pro Traveller with guying

Pre terminated coax cable

We recommend RG Mini 8 Super XXD cable for our antennas.

We offer the cable in 15, 25 and 35m lengths with other lengths to order.

The cable is pre terminated with 2 x PL259 plugs with soldered connections.

To maintain the performance of the antenna system the cable entry to the plug is encapsulated in a sealed sleeve to prevent water ingress and provide additional strength and strain relief at the connection point.

Terminated cable plug

I-Pro Traveller 40 & 30m option

This optional core section can be inter-changed with the standard section to allow operation on the 30m and 40m bands.


I-Pro Traveller 40m connections


I-Pro Traveller 30m connections
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