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The I-Pro Traveller

With no need for a tuner, grounding or radials, the I-Pro Traveller can be unpacked and ready for use in minutes.

​The I-Pro Traveller is a centre fed vertical dipole - a smaller version of the I-Pro Home that is truly portable.

This antenna does not need an ATU: Matching for HF bands between 20m and 10m is provided by patching leads on the built in loading coil. An optional centre section allows for operation at 30m and 40m if required.

This is a self contained antenna system complete with a foldaway all terrain base and standing at 3m tall. The package includes all the multi-band antenna components, a multi-band matching section, coax patch lead with all the necessary connectors and laminated instructions. With its simple folding design, it all fits into a high quality, custom made carrying holdall 1m long and weighing 7kg.

It really is a 'go anywhere' HF portable antenna. Location opportunities are endless: coastal, hill tops; peaceful, low noise, countryside; lay-bys; balconies; retirement home gardens; planning sensitive areas! Four independently-adjustable legs compensate for uneven terrain and it even includes a circular spirit level as an aid to setting the I-Pro Traveller truly vertical. This is not critical with regard to the antenna's performance, we feel it's just the finishing touch to ensure the antenna looks good wherever you are.

The I-Pro Traveller is a centre fed vertical dipole with a central loading coil which allows the antenna to be tuned to each band. The capacity hat loading elements keep the inductive loading to an absolute minimum for maximum efficiency and also provide fine tuning for a perfect match.

The standard band coverage includes 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m and 10m whilst an optional centre section can be swapped in to provide 40m and 30m coverage.

An 8mm solid fibreglass support rod provides 90 degree feeder isolation and robust stress relief for the connections. A sliding weatherproof boot is included for easy access to the SO239 socket.


The I-Pro Traveller is a high quality product with carefully selected components chosen throughout

  • High specification thick walled seamless aluminium tubing

  • Stainless steel fixings

  • Gold plated 10 Amp sockets

  • 34mm diameter thick walled fibre glass tube

Overall height (erected)                     3.0m

Overall span of the end elements      2.0m

Holdall length                                     1.0m

Total weight including holdall             7.0kg

Maximum power                             1200W PEP

The SWR measured at resonance for each band is typically better than 1.2 : 1 giving a radiation efficiency in excess of 90%.

The following bandwidth is to be expected between 1.5 : 1 SWR points

300kHz at 20m

500kHz at 17m

900kHz at 15m

1800kHz at 12m

1870kHz at 11m

2200kHz at 10m

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