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I bought a Dual Beam Pro last week and installed it last night in my garden on a telescopic mast.

Just wanted to say how happy I am with it, I was using an HF vertical before buying your antenna and WOW what a difference. I live in Bristol, last night Canada, Puerto Rico and Indonesia coming through on 20 meters. The HF vertical couldn't hear any of them at all.

Very impressive antenna, I am in a small garden and my neighbours are problematic so a full sized beam on a lattice mast isn’t possible, but this antenna has really opened the bands up for me.


Bristol, UK

Had the I Pro Traveller out today, got a swr of 1.5:1 (now it's put up correctly) on 40m, had a qso with PA5HR Bert in the Netherlands, 361 miles (give or take an inch), band not great but got a constant 5/5 from him. Good going, great antenna, not to mention the excellent service, money well spent, will be recommending it to all who wish to go portable.

Neil M6CUE


​Just to let you know that the Dual Beam Pro arrived safe and sound and it is now assembled and on the roof, beaming west to east.


The instructions booklet was easy to understand and had it assembled in just over an hour (with tea breaks). The performance is excellent, much reduced noise levels, distant stations in Asia, South and North America came in loud and clear and although only a foundation level operator – now studying for my intermediate level – I did manage to work Bulgaria, Cyprus both 4/6; which I think for 10 watts is quite good.


Well recommended, I have even got the Chairman to think about buying one for the club.

David M6IYH


I just wanted to say again, this is the best antenna I have ever owned. Just this morning, I have made 30 contacts in an hour. My past contacts were to Honduras, Italy, Northern Ireland, Canada and Cyprus. I have never contacted many of these countries before. All this, and the antenna is only 3 feet off the ground. All on different bands as well.



After 6 weeks' use, I must say how pleased I am with the I-Pro Traveller. Quick and easy to erect, providing excellent SWR on all the bands that I've worked, especially 20 & 15 (my favourites) with some excellent DX - including Mongolia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, plus many around the USA, all with good reports. Importantly, no reports of local interference, even with the linear on - and my neighbours haven't yet noticed the antenna sitting in a secluded corner of the garden!

Mike G3UCT

Dorset, UK

Today I’ve spoken to just about every state here in Australia as well as New Zealand, Germany and Bulgaria  - all on the Dual Beam Pro !
I’m really pleased and very impressed with the performance of this antenna – I can all of a sudden hear stations that I could never hear before and they can also hear me loud and clear !

Thanks for designing and bringing to market such a great antenna.

Thanks also for always taking the time to reply to my questions – I really appreciate it.



Just letting you know about my experience so far with the Dual Beam Pro

The receive performance on the DB is great. Yesterday I was receiving 9K2KH from Kuwait on S5-6 and this morning got a 59 from Madeira.

I'm hearing a lot more traffic compared to my old vertical.

I've got it pointed roughly for east - west propagation, Stateside traffic is greatly improved.

All in all I am pleased with it and am looking forward to having a lot 
of contacts with it. I will happily point my friends in your direction.

Steph G4XKH

Devon, UK

I bought this antenna, because it fits exactly on my balcony. The parts fit perfect and it was easy to assemble the few parts. It is very light and I use it with an eight meter mast and it works really great. You can find pictures on 
With my old Icom IC-735 with just 100 watts I had already SSB QSO's with 59 from Austria to the USA. I think the performance of the Dual Beam Pro is worth the money.



After a long time some news from my side about my I-Pro Traveller antenna. I hope it is interesting for you to hear what my antenna has done. A week ago i worked in the evening hours with some European stations on 40M with the 40M coil in, and do hear in the background a station calling from the USA. WA2YVD is calling cq on 40 M, i am quite sure he cannot hear me, but lets try. So i started to answer him, and what should i tell you: after three or four calls from my side he is coming with my callsign. He is able to hear me!!! I do not trust my ears but we have had a qso over 5 minutes, he gave a report from 4/4 sometimes 3/3 but most of the time 4/4 and in the last minute my report was 5/4. So i am very very happy with my I-Pro Traveller also on the 40M band, i love working on the higher bands but now i know she is doing also a very fine job.

Klaus DG1SGW

Weinstadt, Germany

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