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2023 Price increases

I have finally had to succumb to the rising prices due to Brexit, Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since the beginning of 2020, some of my materials have more than doubled in price and shipping prices are very volatile. Some of my customers outside the UK have already seen my shipping prices increase.

Some of the price rise is also due to improvements in the design. The transformer/balun mounting arrangement has been simplified and the aluminium connection strips have been replaced by flexible braided straps.

A couple of Dual Beam Pro antennas have seen the end elements vibrating noisily in specific wind conditions and this has led to fatigue failures in one case. I developed a mod to reinforce the end elements by inserting a 1m rod into the centre and this is now standard on all Dual Beam Pro antennas since the beginning of 2022.

I have kept the increases to a minimum (£5 to £10) as I run the Pro Antennas business as a hobby and just look to cover my costs. I hope that you continue to see my antennas as good value compared with the many other offerings available.

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