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New mounting for the matching transformer

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

With the help of Andrew GW0UZK of G-Whip, I have designed a new mounting arrangement for the matching transformers on the Dual Beam Pro and I-Pro Home. This replaces the webbing bridge and jubilee clip to give a common mounting for both antennas that is easier to use.

The mounting block is 3D printed by G-Whip and glued to the lid of the matching transformer box. The V-shape allows it to be aligned with the 25.4mm (1 inch) diameter mounting rod of the I-Pro Home through to the 55mm diameter mast spec of the Dual Beam Pro.

A slot between the mounting block and the matching transformer box accommodates a cable tie to secure the assembly to the rod/mast. Two cable ties are provides. The second can be kept as a spare for reattachment if the matching transformer needs to be removed. The slot is big enough to take 2 cable ties so it could also be used for extra security however, there is very little load on the mounting so this is not necessary.

Although not provided, re-usable cable ties could be used if the antenna is likely to be regularly dismantled.

The second change is the replacement of the connection strips with flexible braided leads. The new mounting block holds the matching transformer slightly further away from the rod/mast which meant that the rigid connection strips would need to be bent to fit properly . The braided leads provide a much wider flexibility in positioning and also allow for any vibration or movement of the matching transformer.

The new mounting arrangement can be readily retrofitted to existing antennas without replacing the matching transformer as the mounting is fixed to the box lid which can easily be removed and replaced.

It also makes conversion from an I-Pro Home to a Dual Beam Pro (or vice versa) easier.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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