Last chance to buy at 2021 prices

Brexit, Covid19 and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine have led to shortages and cost increases across the world which are affecting businesses and consumers alike.

I have just taken delivery of some of the antenna components and have seen a large increase in costs. The aluminium tubes have gone up by nearly 50% and the smaller tubes now come in 4m lengths instead of 5m which means I can only get one element from each item rather than 2.

Shipping costs have also gone up substantially - both delivery and packing tubes.

In addition, I have made some small changes to the specifications. I now supply stainless steel cable ties for mounting the matching transformer and additional strengthening for the end elements as standard.

All this means that I will have to increase my prices once the existing stock has been used up - probably by around £10 in imid June.

Please note that there will be no deliveries between 22 May and 5 June as I will be taking my first real holiday since the start of the pandemic!

Give me a call if you would like any more information or help.

Kind regards,


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Please note I am away and will not be able to ship any orders until I return on 7th June.