Pro Antennas



Portable antennas don't have to be fragile and fiddly to resonate on each band!

No Tuner, No Grounding or Radials, comes complete with a foldaway all terrain base and carrying holdall  

Location opportunities are endless, coastal, hill tops, peaceful countryside-low noise, lay-bys, balconies, retirement home gardens, planning sensitive areas! 

40m*- 30m*- 20m -17m -15m -11m -12m & 10m *40 & 30m option required*


The I-PRO Traveller includes a very tough 1m carrying holdall, total weight including quad stand 7kg 

A completely portable, self contained resonant system, no ATU, wire radials or grounding are required

The I-PRO Traveller is a centre fed half-wave vertical dipole with capacity hat end loading. We have chosen capacity hat loading for a very important reason; to keep the inductive loading to an absolute minimum and therefore minimise losses. The practical   results are so impressive & consistent; they could only be obtained from a highly efficient antenna. The I-PRO is making its presence known with ground breaking performance!   


It really is, all in the small bag, with its simple folding design and light weight, it really is a 'go anywhere' HF portable antenna. Four independently-adjustable legs, can easily compensate for a wide variety of uneven/real world terrain. Sloping hills, beach foreshore, ploughed fields and the list goes on!

The I-PRO antenna package includes a circular spirit level - it simply pops into the base tube as an aid to setting the the I-PRO truly vertical. This is not critical with regard to the antenna's performance, we feel it's just the finishing touch to ensure the I-PRO stands proud and truly upright!        


The I-PRO Traveller is a very high quality product with carefully selected components chosen throughout; High specification thick walled seamless aluminium tubing; stainless steel fixings; gold plated 10 Amp sockets; German sourced 34mm diameter thick walled fibre glass tube provides massive structual strength and superb dielectric properties; 8mm solid fiber glass support rod that provides 90 degree feeder isolation and flexible - robust stress relief of connections. A sliding weather proof boot is included for easy access to the SO239 socket. 

      The I-Pro Traveller is a centre fed vertical dipole that provides in excess of 90% radiation efficiency on six bands: 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m & 10m. Maximum power handling - 1200 Watts PEP. No requirement for radials, grounding or ATU. This package is very complete, ready for simple connection to your HF transceiver. What the package includes: All the I-PRO antenna multi-band components, multi-band matching section, the Quad legged base, spirit level, coax patch lead with all necessary connectors, laminated instructions and a high quality custom made carrying holdall. The I-PRO is a self contained antenna system designed for placing on the ground and standing at 3m tall. Unlike quarter wave verticals, the I-PRO matching and performance has no dependency on ground work. There are no additional ground systems required so you can forget radials/grounding and no ATU is required.


The following measurements are provided and concur with those found by Steve Nichols G0KYA RadCom review June 2010

The SWR measured at resonance for each band is typically better than 1.2 : 1

The following bandwidth is to be expected between 1.5 : 1 SWR points 

20m .... 300kHz   17m .... 500kHz  15m .... 900kHz  12m .... 1800kHz  11m .... 1870kHz  10m .... 2200kHz


INTERESTING FACT: Horizontally polarised dipoles and Yagis, close, or even over salt water, have virtually no low angle gain enhancement (angles below 10 degrees). Simply placing a vertical antenna close to salt water improves gain at angles below 10 degrees, by as much as 3 S points, all for free!  Adding salt water should come with a health warning, the additional performance will have you addicted. Long haul DX will hear you so much stronger and you will be able to hear DX that some in-land stations will be unable to hear. 

If you are interested in this fascinating subject the following link provides a must read. Knowledge is power! 

 Check out G4GTW's YouTube video channel for demonstrations and recorded DX action!