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 The exciting I-PRO Home continues to receive outstanding customer reviews!

This is a true vertical dipole and just like its smaller brother the highly acclaimed I-Pro Traveller no radials or grounding needed. Slim low windage profile, light weight, provides a very neat and effective 9 Band HF antenna. 

   40m*- 30m  - 20m - 17m - 15m - 12m - 11m - 10m & 6m


                          *The coax feeder angle is not critical*                *A heavy duty galvanised base bracket with a solid section GRP rod insulator*       

The base is supported by a solid GRP rod, this provides excellent long term insulation/dielectric properties together with massive structual strength. The base section of the antenna simply drops over the slide in rod insulator. The supplied base bracket will accomodate ground mounting posts with a diameter from 1.25" to 2" diameter. The ground post should have a minimum length of 2ft out of the ground, there is no height restriction if you wish to elevate the I-Pro Home.                                                               


The picture above shows the centre insulator, a solid section GRP rod, the cableing has robust and reliable support   



                               A.                                                                  B.                                                         C.

Laying the I-Pro Home flat on the ground is as simple as pictures A, B, and C, no fixings, simply lift off the GRP rod and gently lay the antenna on to the ground with the cable support arm pointing towards the sky.

The I-Pro Home is a lightweight yet robust vertical dipole antenna that provides a simple and efficient 9 band operation. The 3.5kg vertical is easily lifted on and off the ground mounted white fiber glass insulator rod. This feature allows the owner to single-handedly lay the I-Pro Home flat on the ground when not in use. The I-Pro Home band coverage: 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m & 6m. This antenna presents a very user friendly broad band match, however some transceivers may require an internal or external ATU to provide full power output.


The I-Pro Home 20m Elevation plot, calculated with the lowest element 3ft above average ground



The New I-Pro Home Specifications

Overall height ............................................................... 5.0m

Overall span of the end elements ................................... 2.5m

Total weight including the matching transformer .............. 4.5kg

                                                                    Maximum power 20m - 6m.................................. 1000 watts PEP

                                                                    Maximum power 40m & 30m.............................. 600 watts PEP

 *40m efficiency is down when compared to the other bands* 

Aerospace alloys are used throughout, with excellent corrosion resistance and non-corrosive stainless steel fixings

Steel bracketry is heavy gauge and galvanised 

Supplied with a heavy duty galvanised ground post fixing bracket with GRP insulating rod, (a 5ft ground post is required: 1.25" to 2" tubing).

The I-Pro Home is a non-resonant design requiring an internal/external ATU for 20m-10m operation. Transmit coverage on 40m & 30m may require a suitable external ATU.

>Left click to down load the I-PRO HOME build instructions .....2.7Mb < 


INTERESTING FACT: Horizontally polarised dipoles and Yagis, close, or even over salt water, have virtually no low angle gain enhancement (angles below 10 degrees). Simply placing a vertical antenna close to salt water improves gain at angles below 10 degrees, by as much as 3 'S' points, all for free! Adding salt water should come with a health warning, the additional performance will have you addicted. Long haul DX will hear you so much stronger and you will be able to hear DX that some in-land stations will be unable to hear. 

If you are interested in this fascinating subject the following link provides a must read. Knowledge is power! 


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